About MultiFit

MultiFit conceived in the UK in July 2015 with aim of evolving as a community of fitness enthusiasts that are focused on embracing and propagating the culture of fitness to one and all, has rapidly spread its footprint across UK, India and the UAE.

Driven by its highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic trainers, numbering over 350 including over 10 International trainers and over 7 International level athletes, MultiFit stands apart from regular gyms by breaking the monotony of repetitive workouts. The workouts are made both enjoyable and effective for every individual they engage, through cross functional training, group sessions, HIIT, endurance training, and much more. Further, through its ‘iFit’ model of functional fitness, it endeavours to create the perfect balance between Mind-Body-Soul and make fitness a lifestyle choice.


Our mission is to transform lives through fitness, empowering individuals to achieve their full potential both physically and mentally.

We are dedicated to providing a motivating and inclusive environment, offering top-notch facilities, expert guidance, and a supportive community that fosters personal growth, encourages perseverance, and celebrates every step towards a healthier, stronger, and happier lifestyle.


Our vision is to become the premier destination for fitness enthusiasts, recognized for our commitment to excellence and innovation. We strive to create an inspiring and dynamic environment that fosters personal growth, challenges limits, and promotes a culture of continuous improvement, ultimately


Mr. S. D. Sharma

Chairman The Lexicon Group

Mr. Pankaj Sharma

President, The Lexicon Group Chairman & MD Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit

Mr. Neeraj Sharma

Vice Chairman, The Lexicon Group & Director, Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit

Mrs. Monisha Sharma

Co-Founder & Director The Lexicon Group, MultiFit

Mrs. Deepti Sharma

Co-Founder & Director The Lexicon Group, MultiFit

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