About MultiFit

MultiFit, established in the UK in July 2015, emerged with a noble purpose – to foster a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts dedicated to sharing and embracing the essence of fitness with everyone. This Association has a very important mission – to form and develop a broad community of fitness lovers that will inspire people for fitness to be adopted practically by everyone. Intending to deliver its services before and across this globe, MultiFit has quickly expanded to the UK, India, and the UAE.

MultiFit is built on a team of over 350 dedicated and skilled professionals, including 10 trainers from around the world and over 7 top-level athletes. These people come from different backgrounds but share a common goal, to enhance and innovate the workout experience for our customers.

We stand out from the regular fitness industry by offering a fun yet effective approach to fitness. Our team offers diverse programs such as joint-function training, group dynamics, HIIT, and endurance training. This means anyone looking to get fit can find the right program for them and stay motivated throughout their fitness journey.

Central to MultiFit's ethos is its innovative 'iFit' model, which focuses on the holistic well-being of its members; by integrating mind, body, and soul, MultiFit aims to instill a big shift in perspective, making fitness a regimen and lifestyle choice.

Join us at MultiFit on a transformative journey toward holistic fitness and well- being.


The mission of our fitness center is to support the inner strength of our members, letting them go beyond the limits set for them and achieve fitness goals through dedicated, high-quality work in an inspiring environment. We deliver the best facilities and subject matter expertise while promoting a community of like minded fitness enthusiasts , leading you on the road to fitter, happier, and stronger you.


Our goal is to help everyone across India become fit in body, mind, and soul. We want people to feel peaceful and confident in themselves. Through simple and enjoyable workouts, we aim to inspire passion and create a supportive community. We believe that fitness should be an active and personal journey, not a passive activity. With every step of progress, we celebrate together, embracing #IamMultiFit.


Mr. S. D. Sharma

Chairman The Lexicon Group

Mr. Pankaj Sharma

President, The Lexicon Group Chairman & MD Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit

Mr. Neeraj Sharma

Vice Chairman, The Lexicon Group & Director, Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit

Mrs. Monisha Sharma

Co-Founder & Director The Lexicon Group, MultiFit

Mrs. Deepti Sharma

Co-Founder & Director The Lexicon Group, MultiFit

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