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#IamMultiFit: Because I am fit by my body, mind, and soul

Founded in the UK by passionate fitness pros, MultiFit offers a fun and effective workout experience for all. Our team includes experienced trainers and even international athletes! We go beyond just machines: MultiFit provides a variety of programs like group training, HIIT, and more to keep you engaged and reaching your goals. Plus, we focus on your overall well-being, not just physical fitness. That's the MultiFit difference!



Whether it’s dumbbells, cardio, dedicated strength training area, dedicated functional training area, yoga studio, dedicated weight lifting area and kettlebells, we have it all. Take a peek at the amenities included with your membership.

Group Classes

Group Classes

Workout with people who share the same fitness goal like you at group fitness classes- MultiFit. With options for all levels, join our expert-led sessions to achieve your fitness objectives efficiently and enjoyably.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training gives you personalized guidance and support from certified trainers to help you reach your goals faster and with proper form. Get the motivation and accountability you need to succeed in your fitness journey.

Certified trainers,
results oriented

Certified trainers,
results oriented

At Multi-Fit, certified trainers lead results-oriented fitness classes with the right strategy and plan for you. Experience effective fitness training tailored to your goals.

Be a Part of the
Fitness Community

Belong to the group of fitness enthusiasts across the UK, UAE, and India. With 50000+ members, learn and be inspired from each other every day.

Our Services

You Have the Strength We Have The Plan

Functional Training

Strength Conditioning

MMA Training




Dance Fitness

Weekend Masterclass

Group Training (HIIT)


Fully Equipped Weight Training Area

Beyond Fitness

Get custom workout and nutrition plans based on your goal.

Why Multi-FIT?

Small Steps, Big Changes

MultiFit offers a wide variety of workouts based on scientific principles through functional training and high-intensity community classes.

Highly certified and skilled coaches motivate you to set fitness goals and ensure an enjoyable,effective journey. Whether you aim to fit into your favorite clothes or compete in sports tournaments, we help push you towards achieving your personal best.

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