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Launched in July 2015, MultiFit Wellness Private Limited is India’s Fastest Growing Functional Fitness Studio brand. Driven by its highly qualified and experienced trainers, MultiFit delivers a unique brand of functional fitness aimed at creating the perfect balance between Mind-Body-Soul, through its propriety ‘iFit’ model of functional fitness. It aims to make fitness a lifestyle choice, by making the workout both enjoyable and effective, for every individual they engage.

A perfect antidote to boring gyms, Multifit is focused on cross Functional Training, a methodology which involves training the body for cardio and fitness using activities performed in daily life. People who have tried it have found it addictive, as they are able to see results without hating their workouts. The core idea is to cut out the entire monotony from the session to make it as enticing as your favourite sport.

Our specialty, tailored classes to individual requirements, targets all the aspects of your fitness needs. On the other hand, our group sessions not only keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals but also make fitness fun. We offer a complete holistic approach to fitness, that targets all the different aspects of fitness like strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, agility, speed and power, and is undoubtedly, the best way to experience fitness.

With the incredible support and response from our patrons, Multifit now has 12 operational studios across Pune, Jaipur, Mumbai and Gurgaon. In March 2017, three more Multifit studios are slated for launch across Kothrud, Senapati Bapat Road and Satara Road and five more signed Multifit studios are slated for launch through April – May 2017 across Mumbai, Jaipur and Pune, taking the total count to 16 functional fitness studios across 4 cities. By end 2017, Multifit is targeting 30 functional fitness studios across India, including one in Manchester, UK.

What We Offer

MultiFit ‘iFit’, is a model based on extensive practical training experience of its core team. It is designed to integrate science and fitness training in a manner that helps bring you closer to attaining the perfect Mind-Body-Soul balance making your workout more enjoyable and effective.

Thus, while on the one end iFit is based on the immensely popular HIIT Training which gets & keeps your heart rate up & burns more fat in less time, it also includes Yoga, Endurance and other forms of fitness training to holistically cater to your mind and body’s varied fitness need.

MultiFit iFit Model

Our Programs


Dr. Samir Kapoor
Co-Founder & CMD
REPS Qualified -Level 3 (UK Certified)
Ph.D & MBA from Sybiosis Institute
of Business Management (SIBM)
Sally Jones
Co-Founder Head Coach & Director
REPS Qualified -Level 3 (UK Certified)
L3 Sports & Exercise Science,
Manchester (UK)

Management Team

Chaitanya Velhal
Operations Director
Ironman Coach
M.Sc. Biotechnology (Aus)
Naresh Malani
Mahesh Paryani
Financial Controller
Shrey Singh
Franchise Manager

Quality of Trainers


More than 5 International Trainers
from UK and other countries
National and International
Level Athletes

Awardees, Members of Indian Team,
State & National Medallists

Highest number of ACSM
Certified Trainers in Pune

Black Belts in Karate,
Taekwondo & Kick Boxing
Yoga & Power

International and National
Yoga Instructors

Corporate Tie-Ups

Create a healthy & balanced life

Multifit presents an exclusive offer customized for the dynamic corporate executive. We help you identify the key stress drivers, develop appropriate strategies and help you nurture a healthy life. By executing a wellness programme, we help bring out the energetic, positive and productive side in you.

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