MultiFit Championships bring out the best qualities in each member and trainer, who participate across various activities like Football, Powerlifting, Athletics, Cricket, Boxing, Calisthenics, Paintball etc, which are played at team and centre levels to encourage group involvement and centre level engagement activities.


MultiFit believes in building a community of fitness lovers who meet and greet outside the gym as well. To promote this concept we have introduced MultiFit Socials where we look at engaging all our members. Considering that our members run towards fitness all year long, a cheat night once in a way with indulgence in good F&B, ambiance, conversations and entertainment is all that’s needed.


MultiFit added another dimension to its member engagement program with MultiFit Outbounds. 'Multifit Outbound' as the name suggests is a completely planned and packaged outdoor activity like a camp or trek conducted with several ice-breaking activities as well as requisite TLB facilities.


MultiFit Warriors was conceptualised to build an aspirational and coveted community of Achievers who have risen after fighting all odds. MultiFit aims to create and propagate a culture of fitness, physical or mental, through such warriors. Warriors don’t necessarily have to be from MultiFit and are identified from diverse backgrounds, including but not restricted to Technology, Business, Service Industry, Fitness, Sports, etc.


  • “One run can change your day, many runs can change your life.”
  • MM5K or the MultiFit Mission 5k Running Club is a 9 week program open for MultiFit members as well as non-members. We meet thrice a week on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays from 6:00-7:00am. We begin with a warm up and stretch and then we hit the track! Runners go at their own pace and are encouraged to work towards their personal best and, eventually to aid them to complete a 5km run in one go towards the end of the 9th week!
  • This MultiFit trainer led running is a happy and healthy way to start your day!