Sally Jones

Head Coach
BTEC in Sports and Exercise Science (UK)
Certified L3 Personal Trainer from REPS UK

Sally Jones a finance professional also a BTEC in Sports and Exercise Science (UK) and Certified L3 Personal Trainer from REPS UK*. She is a circuit evangelist and creates circuits that push members to their limits. She is an endurance athlete who doesn't train below her red zone heart rate.

Sally has represented Greater Manchester for netball. She is also an advanced deep-sea diver. Sally has an extensive corporate background with almost 10 years of experience at Bank of New York Mellon,across multiple geographies. A complete adrenaline junkie who has skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain riding, deep sea diving under her belt, her next adventure is a wind walk.

She is a fitness enthusiast and always has been passionate about fitness in a functional way. Since her childhood, her inclination was always into fitness led sports and fortunately, Sally is in the profession which also happens to be her passion.

With a vision to break the myth that fitness could only be achieved through traditional gyms which have their presence worldwide and Sally wants to excel in showcasing the emergence of Functional Fitness, as the best and the healthiest way to workout. She believes that having toned bodies is good and should be acceptable to some extent, but having flexibility in our bodies is the real test. Unless we have that earned, no matter how good we look, if we don’t work out in a specific way as required for our own body, it would sadly give up one day. Therefore, it is very important to understand one's’ inner strength and pursue to being a fitter you.