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Want to Own A MultiFit Franchise?

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Your Preferred Growth Partner

Conceived in the UK in July 2015, MultiFit has rapidly spread it’s footprint across India, UK and the UAE. Born as a 3000 sq ft functional fitness studio at Kalyani Nagar Pune, MultiFit as a result of the passion of its promoters, the husband-wife duo of Samir Kapoor & Sally Jones and its highly energized team, has gained a strong reputation of not just being one of the most technically sound fitness studio chains in India but also the country’s largest Functional Fitness Studio brand. Recently awarded the FEA award for Excellence in Multi-Discipline Training, MultiFit has 31 large-format fitness studios in 11 cities across 3 countries in a short span of just under 3 Years.

Franchise First

The MultiFit business model is based on a distinct franchise first approach. Put in simple terms the entire focus of the team at MultiFit is on supporting and enabling a franchise owner get better earnings and faster ROI. The journey starts with creating a customized business model to identifying the ideal location for the gym proceeding to setting up the gym, banking, teams, pre-sales and all other elements associated with setting up a gym. Our support does not end here. Once the gym starts operations we take care of supporting owners in everything from in-gym operations to helping with their sales and marketing effort.

We will provide you with in-depth information on the costs and expenses a franchise owner would incur. Both our CAPEX and OPEX are extremely low in comparison to a fully machine focused gym, lowering the entry barrier for owning a centre. We want to ensure you get the best return on investment and leave nothing to chance. Which is why we offer you a complete range of solutions, from your basic set – up to importing the best of equipment all the way from UK.

1. MultiFit Standard Model

  • Area: 5000 – 6000 sq ft*.
  • Investment: INR 1.4 Cr* – INR 1.6 Cr*
  • Facility Inclusions: Yoga, Looping (Indoor Cycling), Strength & Conditioning, Free Weight Area, Lockers, Wet Areas

2. MultiFit Xpress Model

  • Area: 3500 sq. ft*. – 4000 sq. ft*.
  • Investment: INR 85 Lacs* – INR 1 Cr*
  • Facility Inclusions: Strength & Conditioning, Free Weight Area, Lockers, Wet Areas

We help you set up your gym with state of the art equipment, interior design, and flooring. We deliver optimal marketing support through pre-qualified third-party agencies to ensure consistency and cost arbitrage due to the sheer scale of the organization.

equipment and hardware including installation

marketing sales and support

hiring and training support

in- facility branding

interior designing and flooring


Site selection

It will be a combined effort of your local market knowledge and our knowledge of the fitness industry while selecting a site. We can also help you with negotiations of the lease and coming to terms with the expectations of the landlord.


Hiring & Training Support

Once you have identified the staff we will support you to shortlist the final trainers and other staff basis our brand guideline and HR policies.


Marketing & Sales Support

We deliver optimal marketing support through pre-qualified third-party agencies to ensure consistency and cost arbitrage due to the sheer scale of the organization. This includes online & offline marketing consultation. We also develop and train the sales staff for implementing sales process and thus help in standardising sales across MultiFit centres.


In facility Branding, Equipment and Hardware including Installation

Our Franchise consultant will guide you with all the phases of setting up a MultiFit Gym. We will help you set up your gym with state of the art equipment, interior design, and flooring. Not only that, we also help you set up a business designed for success. This is also helps us in standardising all our centres.


Why Choose

  • - Best Low-Cost Franchise Model
  • - High ROI
  • - Reduced Payback Period
  • - Hiring & Training Support
  • - Build to Operate Model (BoT)


What is the term of the franchise?

  • - The term of the franchise agreement is 5 years in total, which will be reviewed and extended.


How does brand create revenue?

  • - Monthly, Quarterly, Half- yearly and Annual Memberships
  • - Personal Trainer Memberships
  • - Ancillary Services
  • - Corporate Tie-Ups


What can I expect to make from my business?

  • - MultiFit's business model is very simple and once the rent is finalised, others costs are fixed. MultiFit provides cash flows for 5 years based on the rent parameters, historical data and other minor variables.


How much Royalty will I have to pay as a Franchisor?Are there benefits to owning more than one franchise?

  • - Our Franchise Consultant will be happy to meet you for an in-depth discussion.
  • - Personal Trainer Memberships
  • - Ancillary Services
  • - Corporate Tie-Ups


Do I get brand identity manual?

  • - Manual defining the brand identity will be shared to standardise the branding process across all centres.


What makes and ideal site and how will I know if my centre location has a big and potential market?

  • - An ideal site is located in or is in close proximity to a convenience centre with the tenancy having prime visibility, prominent signage opportunities, ample car parking, and a medium to high level of foot traffic. We can help you determine which city/country offers a sustainable market and also offer assistance on selecting an appropriate site location, which will a great start to owning a franchise.

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