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Circuit Suicide






L.B.T (Legs / Bums / Tums)

Circuit Suicide

Working the whole body at its highest intensity, Circuit Suicide will test how hard you can push yourself. Working within a 30 minute time zone you will move from one exercise to another performing a certain number of reps. Our aim is to make sure that your metabolism shoots through the roof helping push you beyond your limits! This isn't for the fate hearted!


Fat burning at its best! Multi-Fire is a HIIT / Tabata style workout taking your body out of its comfort zones to work harder than ever before. Working with short, sharp, high intensity bursts of exercises whether its upper body / lower body / core or an all over body workout, we best get them sick buckets ready!


Build a better you. A challenging workout featuring a range of weight based, functional fitness with strength & conditioning aiming at all major muscle groups. This class has been tailored with various training methods that help ‘SHRED’ that unwanted fat from your physique. Expect to be dripping and pushed to limits you have never entered before. We aim to make sure that we help maximize your results with this class.


Time to Tone. This class aims at tightening up those loose areas within our bodies. Whether it’s those bingo wings, love handles or that little bit of puppy fat, ‘SCULPT’ will help tighten up areas. Time to get the chisel out!


Thank F**K Its Friday.The weekend is here, however that doesn’t mean we stop our bodies from being pushed beyond our limit! Every Friday there will be a new open style workout with the trainers designing an end of week workout! Whether its a full body, an abs blast or that grueling leg day, Friday is going to be tough. Lets get you ready for the weekend by pushing you beyond your limits!


A mix of shadowboxing, bodyweight cardiovascular fitness and core. BoxFit will take you on the journey of how to train for one of the toughest sports, if not the fittest sport we have seen. A towel is a must.

L.B.T (Legs / Bums / Tums)

Working those stubborn areas around your legs, thighs, butt and tummy. Combining aerobic exercise with toning whilst increasing your fitness and burning those calories. LBT will be a number of rounds aiming at different parts of the lower body.


Calisthenics is a form of physical exercise, which utilises one’s own body weight for strength training. Herein, through bodyweight training we focus on strengthening the core. The workout involves complex movements while training different muscle groups. The workout includes exercises like human flags, push ups, pull ups, and muscle ups. Individuals of all age groups or beginners can start training.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes elite sports performance. At Multifit we work with a number of athletes across various sports to help improve their performance within chosen sport. S&C focuses on more than just lifting weights; we look at speed, agility, co-ordination, plyometrics, strength, power, core stability & conditioning of the body to ensure that they are at the top of their game all year round.


Looping is a high intensity indoor cycling that specifically targets in boosting your cardio fitness. In looping, you spin the pedals repeatedly to reach the cardio peak and then ease back down. This full body workout is a great way to lift your personal performance in the group, as you draw on the group’s energy, looping to the rhythm of music. The instructor driven strategy and the music helps you monitor resistance levels and speed. The instructor motivates the group to help improving the cardio and muscle capacity.

Weight Training

The term ‘free weights’ is a training style focusing on only weight training helping an individual improve their strength and size of skeletal muscle. The force of what one can push or pull with various bodies parts using only weighted bars, dumbbells, weight plates or weight stacks through concentric or eccentric contraction during an exercise. At Multifit we ensure that you will learn the correct form during exercises when carrying out weight training with our experienced international coaches.


• Get custom workout and nutrition plans based on YOUR goal!

• We are a dedicated team of certified trainers and sports nutritionists determined to give you the healthy and fit body you've always dreamt of. Through a variety of tailor made and customised packages, we work with you on: weight loss, muscle strength, toning, improving metabolism, and achieving a healthy and fit life overall.

• So, whether you're a new mother trying to lose pregnancy weight, a busy corporate person dreaming to be healthy, or a professional athlete looking for precision inch loss, we can be your Transformation coaches!

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