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Jeet Kune Do

Have you ever wanted to learn Bruce Lee's original art of Jeet Kune Do? Get Access to one of its kind, step by step training program, showing you fundamental and advanced techniques and strategies that will deepen your understanding of Chinatown JEET KUNE DO (JKD).

JKD is the American Chinese Kungfu martial art founded by the legendary actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do was founded because the legendary Lee found traditional martial art techniques too rigid and formal to be practical in street fighting. He decided to design a system with an emphasis on "Practicality, Simplicity and Efficiency". He investigated the traditional martial arts extensively and came up with Jeet Kune Do which he called "the style of no styles" This fighting style can be practiced by people of all ages and levels of physical fitness, since the fighting style is very subtle and requires the fighter to do feints that put the opponent off-guard and to conserve energy whilst fighting.

Dhruv Chauhdhuri, our JKD Trainer, is a calisthenics expert who has built his body through dedication and clean bodybuilding. Chauhdhuri, a certified JKD expert, is also among one of the few trainers in the country who can do a two-finger push up.

Advantage JKD: Here are a few other benefits of HIIT exercise technique.
  • Encourages adaptability to any situation
  • Helps one easily defend oneself from attackers
  • Improves balance and flexibility instead of merely focusing on power
  • Improves co-ordination
  • Improves mental focus and agility from having to quickly adapt to changing situations
  • Increases mind-body harmony
  • Helps in gaining great deal of self-confidence
  • Helps one stay fit and healthy