Wedding Fitness Plan

You look great just the way you are! However, with the wedding day approaching near, you may feel uncertain and apprehensive about the way you’ll look in your wedding attire. A lot of brides (and nowadays grooms too)

iFIT or Intense Functional Interval Training

In today’s time when time is money, it is important to look for techniques that help us stay fit, even when we are not working out. Sounds unreal? Well, it is possible. Our iFIT programme is designed to do exactly this.

High Intensity Work Out

As the name suggests, things are going to get real intense in this workout. A higher intensity exercise would require higher energy inputs and consequently faster results in weight loss increasing strength

Pull-Ups: The most

Most people who go to the gym ask one question - How do I get a ripped upper body with abs? The answer is simple – Pull-ups. Most of our so-called fitness experts will not tell you about the importance of pull-ups because they’ve either never done it or haven’t given importance to it in their workout regime.

Boxing Program

Boxing Workouts are the latest craze in the fitness world and it’s for a reason. Exercise regimes that incorporate boxing target your entire body and provide you a total body workout in half the time of your normal gym routine. With

12 Week Transformation Challenge ( 12WTC )

A fit body is not an overnight phenomenon. It requires persistence, dedication and hard work. Having a long term fitness goal is a positive motivator and it provides you a structure for a routine that ends only when you

Correct Training & Nutrition For

LADS put the dumbbells down and stop bicep curling… And no this doesn’t mean get a bench and start chest pressing!

Protein Supplements

While no supplement can replace a diet of whole, natural unprocessed foods, protein supplements can be useful for people whose dietary requirements are not fulfilled or lack good quality complete proteins in the diet. Amongst the different protein supplements like Whey, Soy and Casein; Whey protein is the most popular and beneficiary and commonly used by people.