Battle ropes

Battling ropes is very effective for strengthening muscles from head to toe while burning calories and fat at the same time! It involves working multiple muscles at the same time (i.e upper body, lower body and core).
Apart from that, one can incorporate movements such as jumps ,lunges, burpees,push upsetc to make it more challenging!

  1. Shoulder Circle
  2. The shoulder circle is one such workout with the battle ropes that help in strengthening the arms and the shoulder muscle.
    To do So, hold the end of the ropes each hand ,feet placed shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent.
    Raise the arms over the shoulder and move them in an outward/inward circular Motion.

  3. Russian Twist Slam
  4. This particular exercise works theceratis anterior simply just by sitting on the ground facing the ropes, knees bent and heels resting on the floor.
    Keeping the core engaged, twist only your arms and upper body and slam the ropes from left to right and vice versa.

  5. Rope Pulls
  6. Rope Pulls are a great functional exercise to strengthen your arms, Core and legs while getting your heart rate up to improve conditioning.
    Begin with lying flat on the floor face down (prone position) with your arms extended forward, making sure that your palms are facing the floor.
    Fun fact: you can increase the Intensity by tying one end of the rope to a weighted object and pull!

  7. Jump Lunge Slam
  8. The jump lunge slam is an excellent way to shape your legs and glutes!
    It builds up strength in the arms as you would be using a lot of energy for Power slam.
    To do the exercise step forward in a normal lunge, hold the end of battle Rope with your hands and simultaneously do a jump lunge ( make sure the back leg forms a 90┬░angle with each lunge) and a slam.