Intense Body Workout

A High Intensity Workout requires great energy levels. HIIT helps in burning calories faster and tones up the body part that it is aimed at addressing. At MultiFit, we are committed to make you reach your fitness goals in a consistent and fun way. Our MultiSpin programme is an extension of this very philosophy. Riding a stationary bike is often underestimated but one must realise the steadiness of this workout in being a perfect way to get rid of all the extra calories you are carrying. A typical ride burns about 12 calories a minute. The trick is to keep the resistance of the bike set to the optimum levels so one doesn’t pedal themselves off the bike.

Our expert trainers will discuss your fitness goals and plan a regime that will include MultiSpin activity- an important part of the interval workouts that help you stay in top shape. You will be sprinting for a particular time span and then slowing down the pace, giving your heart and lungs the required breather. Speeding up yet again, to a road that takes you to your target goals, has never been better when on a bike. It never lets boredom set in as there are hill climbs, circuits, recovery and cooling down built in.

MultiSpin is a popular fat burning exercise as it is scalable to any fitness level. No matter if you have just begun or already a health freak, all that good riding requires is to listen to your body and set the sprinting speeds basis its requirements.