Battle ropes

Battling ropes is very effective for strengthening muscles from head to toe while burning calories and fat at the same time! It involves working multiple muscles at the same time (i.e upper body, lower body and core).
Apart from that, one can incorporate movements such as jumps ,lunges, burpees,push upsetc to make it more challenging!

BSCMB Precautions during workout

B- Base of support
This means how many contact points do you have to a fixed/moveable surface. You need to have a strong base of support to have a firm grip on the exercise, and also to push you one step further.

Weight Training & Women

As women when we walk into the gym we either go straight towards the treadmill or we lift pink coloured dumbbells in fear of getting bulky and looking big.

Sweating in Switzerland! | Ironman

So when I became the IRONMAN on 24th July 2016, I achieved two of my long standing dreams. One obviously becoming an Ironman which as a triathlete is the ultimate goal but also more importantly I had become a sponsored professional athlete. Multifit had given me a full 6 months off from

6 excercises to do in bed when you wake up

Let’s take a look at a few exercises that you can perform in your bed. These exercises will help in building and strengthening the core and are an excellent way to start your day! We will be looking at Plank Hold, Push up, Leg raises, Superman hold, Russian twist, step-by-step.

Intense Body Workout

A High Intensity Workout requires great energy levels. HIIT helps in burning calories faster and tones up the body part that it is aimed at addressing.

Quadrupedal Movement

Long before man became the only permanently bipedal animal on earth, we were quadrupedal like the rest of the animal kingdom. To a lot of people, the concept of quadrupedal movement is absurd and far-fetched. How can returning to our quadrupedal roots affect our predominantly bi-pedal lifestyles?

How much water should we be drinking a day?

We all know how important water is but why don't we drink enough of it? Do we know how much we should be drinking? Is it too little or too much? Guidelines recommend an adult should be drinking between 2-4 litres a day especially if they are taking part in exercise regularly. Below are several