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Fitness is a lifestyle and not a routine to be
performed as a chore

Stop At Nothing. Limitless Me.

MultiFit conceived in the UK in July 2015 with aim of evolving as a community of fitness enthusiasts that are focused on embracing and propagating the culture of fitness to one and all, has rapidly spread it’s footprint across UK, India and the UAE.

The idea was born with Sally Jones training online in the UK through videos. She had always dreamt of starting her own gym, and her dream turned into a reality when she co-founded MultiFit with Samir Kapoor, PhD.

Driven by its highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic trainers, numbering over 350 including over 10 International trainers and over 7 International level athletes, MultiFit stands apart from regular gyms by breaking the monotony of repetitive workouts. The workouts are made both enjoyable and effective for every individual they engage, through cross functional training, group sessions, HIIT, endurance training, and much more. Further, through its ‘iFit’ model of functional fitness, it endeavours to create the perfect balance between Mind-Body-Soul and make fitness a lifestyle choice.

MultiFit has learnt from various traditional and neo fitness models such as HIIT, Yoga, MMA, Endurance Training, Dance, Calisthenics and evolved its own brand of exercise sciences based Functional Fitness model. The training methodology is a mix of both functional training and weight training used together as the best mix to help attain the client's fitness goals. 
Our specially tailored classes to individual requirements and group sessions helps you build and achieve your fitness goals. We offer a complete holistic approach to fitness that targets all the different aspects of fitness like strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, agility, speed and power, and is undoubtedly, the best way to experience fitness.

Appropriately termed as India’s Fastest Growing Functional Fitness Studio, 32 large-format fitness studios in 10 cities across 3 countries in a short span of just under 3 Years. By end 2019, MultiFit is targeting 100 functional fitness studios globally.

MultiFit ‘iFit’, is a model based on extensive practical training experience of its core team. It is designed to integrate science and fitness training in a manner that helps bring you closer to attaining the perfect Mind-Body-Soul balance making your workout more enjoyable and effective.

Thus, while on the one end iFit is based on the immensely popular HIIT Training which gets & keeps your heart rate up & burns more fat in less time, it also includes Yoga, Calisthenics, Endurance and other forms of fitness training to holistically cater to your mind and body’s varied fitness need.

  • Started operations as a single studio brand in 2015
  • Today emerged as the fastest growing Functional Fitness Brand in India with 32 large-format fitness studios in 10 cities across 3 countries in a short span of just under 3 Years
  • Operations across UK, India & UAE
  • While first studio was spread over around 3000 sq ft offering purely functional fitness facilities today the average size has moved to between 13000-15000 sq ft going right up to 40,000 sq ft offering a whole host of services and facilities including Calisthenics, Looping, Boxing, MMA, Yoga, F&B, swimming pools, etc.
  • Every Studio is also equipped with fully functional change and bath facilities for patrons

The Studio is a pillar-less space created at every MultiFit facility to cater to the facility requirements of various services such as Dance and Yoga that MultiFit offers its Patrons.

MultiFit boasts of some of the best cycling / ultra-cycling trainers in the country and thus decided to launch its own Indoor Cycling brand Looping as a structured product across all its key fitness studios. Today MultiFit also holds the distinction of having the biggest indoor cycling studio in the country.

A key component of any Gym or Fitness Studio facility is its equipment. Not only does it need to be high quality, durable and sturdy but also needs to be designed in a specific scientific manner so as to aptly match the fitness regimes they have been built for. Further given the pace of MultiFit’s expansion, maintaining standards and quality was becoming a challenge. This in addition to the significant business potential that gym equipment in India holds, MultiFit decided to enter the business and has aligned with one of the leading global brands ‘Fitness Systems’ to exclusively offer their products in India.

MultiFit has from day 1 maintained that its soul lies in its trainers and offering the best fitness training software in the country. Further with its rapid network expansion it has itself developed a voracious appetite for quality trainers that need to understand exercise sciences well. Given the dearth of such quality trainers or train the trainer programs in India, MultiFit developed its own train the trainer certification program under MultiFit Exercise Sciences Academy. Though being a paid program open for all those who qualify, its students benefit immensely from the fact that the parent brand itself employees a significant chunk of the pass outs from the Academy. Today MESA boasts of having certified over 700 trainers.
Log onto www.mesauk.com for further information

Headed by India’s fastest ultra-cyclist, Ironman and one of the few Ironman coaches in the country, Chaitanya Velhal, MATES is one of the very few academies in India that offers a specialized Ironman training program.


Co-Founder - COO & Head Coach, MultiFit

Sally, counts her ability to influence an individual’s well-being, through personal training, as amongst her biggest achievements. She also strongly believes that ‘There is something out there that will work for you and that you will actually enjoy!’ and to her it’s Fitness. It was with this very passion and focus on fitness that Sally co-founded MultiFit with Dr. Samir Kapoor


Co-Founder & Managing Director, MultiFit

Hailing from an army background, Samir has always enjoyed adventure sports. He has trekked to the Everest base camp 4 times and is an advance level diver. This passion towards the adrenaline pump veered him to start a new health revolution, MultiFit.

Sally Jones

Co-Founder & Head Coach, MultiFit
Director, MultiFit (UK)
Active IQ – level 3 PT (UK)
B.TEC Sports and Exercises Science, Manchester (UK)

Andy Turner

MultiFit Athlete (Hurdler) & Coach ,
Automatically Times World Record Breaker 200 m Hurdles ,
3 Times Olympian,


MultiFit Coach
REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer

Atish Ganguly

MultiFit Coach
Fitness Coach for Ronaldinho
(Premiere Football League 2017)
MESA Certified

Mahdi Golara

Yoga and Military Training Expert
Kickboxing Black Belt Dan 3

Awadhesh & Prajakta

Salsa Coaches at MultiFit
Winners of All Asia Salsa Pro Championship

Chaitanya Velhal

MultiFit Athlete
IronMan Coach
India’s Fastest Ultra Cyclist

Rahul Kadam

Mr. India 2017 (IBF)
Professional Bodybuilder with 15 years of experience

Sudhangshu Adhikary

Expertise in Muaythi & Kick Boxing
Black Belt in Taekwondo & Karate
MESA Certified

Santosh Mohan

IBBF Athlete
Mr. Salem x2
Mr. Tamil Nadu
MultiFit Athlete
SMe in Body Building

Saad Khyoom

ISSA and NFPT Master Trainer
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach & Medical Exercise Specialist

Joshua Mathews

MultiFit Athlete
Calisthenics Expert
BFC under 16 & Ozone FC Under 19
All India Strength Wars 3rd Place

Fitness Excellence Award 2018

MultiFit Functional Fitness Studio was awarded the Fitness Excellence Award for ‘Excellence in Multi-Discipline Training Fitness Club’ category, for its demonstrated excellence and the highest standards of dedication to the cause of fitness and the responsibility that comes with it.


India Business Award 2018

MultiFit Functional Fitness Studio was awarded the India Business Award 2018 for ‘Best Functional Fitness Studio Brand’ category recently held in Bangalore. India Business Awards, 2018 is a celebration of excellence to honour businesses, places and people who are visionaries behind today's outstanding lifestyle.


Times Power Women of the Year 2017

Sally Jones, Co-Founder – COO & Head Coach, MultiFit was awarded the "Times Power Women of the Year 2017" Pune for Entrepreneur Women in Fitness.
The award was conferred on her by Dilip Kamble, Minister of State for Social Justice and Special Assistance in the Government of Maharashtra. These awards were initiated to celebrate the victories of women who have been a great source of inspiration. These awards focused on the women of Pune and the prestigious list included 34 select women with power, supremacy, command, and control.

Sandeepta Das

GM Operations and
Franchise Relations

Atul Sharma

GM - Business

Shrey Singh

Senior Project Manager

Nitin Nandwani

HR Business Partner

Naresh Malani

Chief Finance Officer

Reece Archer

Sales Head (UK)

Nikhil D’Rozario

Chief Marketing Officer

The Fitness industry the world over is rapidly evolving aided by technology and the rapid advancements in Exercise & sports Sciences. At MultiFit where we aim to provide our patrons with the best in fitness & exercise regimes it is imperative that we not just keep up with these latest trends but also focus on customizing and innovating as per our patrons growing and diverse requirements.

Our advisory panel of 11 international athletes and Olympians has been designed to bring together not just this but also provide us with the much needed insights that comes from years of experience of pro-athletes who have played the sport at the highest level